What is AppJooz?

AppJooz is the leading mobile app development platform choice for businesses, organizations, individuals, resellers and developers. With AppJooz’s click and edit interface and powerful suite of built-in features, you can create powerful apps in minutes — no coding required! In addition, we give you the ability to enhance our “out-of-the-box” features or add completely new custom functionality through our open development portal. We blend the power of click-and-edit mobile app building with the option to dive deep and customize endlessly.

Absolutely. There is a huge variety of themes and industries templates to choose from. The templates come fully loaded with the feature typically associated with the theme or business type selected. In many cases, building an app can be as simple as choosing a template and replacing our sample data with your data.

AppJooz is designed for anyone looking for a cost effective way to build a powerful and engaging mobile app without writing a single line of code. If you can use a computer, you can design a feature-rich and sleek app on AppJooz.

Many reasons! Here are a few:

– Apps are interactive using features such as push notifications; websites are informational
– Apps can utilize the native features within the phone such as the camera, calendar, GPS, etc.
– Better user experience because the app runs within the device as opposed to accessing the web

iOS app – used with Apple iPhone and iPads
Android app – used with Samsung, Google, HTC and many other devices. Basically, all non-Apple devices.
HTML5 Mobile Websites – you are able to view the app content on a mobile device and the layout automatically adjusts to properly display in the mobile device you are using. However, because it is a webview, it does not possess many on the functionalities of an iOS or Android app. These would include interfaces with the device’s camera, GPS, calendar, Push notifications, etc.

Yes, anytime and as much as you need to. Most updates are automatically and immediately pushed to everyone that has the app on their phone.

Yes, this is one of the reasons we created AppJooz. If you can use a computer, you can build and maintain your app with AppJooz. Gone are the days of calling the IT department every time a changes or update is required. You maintain the content and AppJooz will do the rest; from hosting, maintenance, bug fixes, upgrades, enhancement, etc.

Yes. We provide an emulator on your dashboard so you can see the changes as you make them. In addition, we provide an app previewer so you can see your app running on your phone before you publish. It’s easy, it’s free, and available on both Apple and Android devices.

Definitely! AppJooz was designed with exactly that purpose. We handle all app hosting, system maintenance, iOS and Android releases, bug fixes and updates. “White Label” the entire platform under your own brand name; AppJooz will be invisible to your customers.

Gone are the days of needing a technology expert. We handle all the technology components allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Yes, of course, it’s your brand and we want to help you promote it. The previewer is a great tool for your customer to view and test their app before they publish. Under our White Label program, you can have your own previewer with your brand.

No, we provide an open development portal with all the tools needed to create totally custom functionality. It’s very easy and we are able to assist you with the process.

When the intricacies and nuances of your unique situation requires a more customized solution, this is where the power of AppJooz’s technology really shines. Custom development from scratch will generally run 18 to 25 weeks and cost anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000. Thereafter, you need an infrastructure to support and maintain the app. If you are considering a customized solution, consider AppJooz; the savings in time and money will be significant.

AppJooz’s “off-the-shelf” functionality and solutions are very powerful and highly flexible. You will generally be able to complete 80% to 90% of your requirements using AppJooz’s existing off-the-shelf features. The ability to combine these off-the-shelf features with custom functionality enables you to create a custom mobile app in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development. To further facilitate your development and save added time and money, we have made all of AppJooz’s standard plug ins open source. Take what we have, improve upon it and go in any direction you like.

In addition, with AppJooz, you get a platform that is easy to update and maintain; no need for expensive IT resources.

1. Sign up for a free account, select a template and start building in minutes.
2. Add your own content and features, take as much time as you need.
3. View and test the app on your own phone with the in-built phone previewer.

It takes on average 3-10 business days; however, the process may take longer. 3-10 days is just an estimate based on our past experience with Apple’s review process. Please note that Apple does not provide any timeframe estimate on how long the process may take. The max we’ve seen was 1 month.

Yes. All data is deployed to App Store/Google Play Store and saved on the mobile device. Even if the device has no internet connection, the app will still work.

If you want to sell your app on App Store you will need to create Your DEV Account with Apple under your name or your company name. To enroll in the iPhone program go to http://developer.apple.com/programs/iphone
You will sign a contract with Apple and receive payments directly from Apple.

A source code build process will take 1-2 business days.

On the Application Settings section of your App Dashboard you’ll find an Ad Mob settings page. Paste your Ad Mob Publisher ID there. This is a string you get on Ad Mob’s website.

Follow these steps and you’ll have your Ad Mob Publisher ID in no time!
1. Go to AdMob.com and sign up.
2. Choose Add Site/App from the menu
3. Pick ‘Android App’
4. Fill in the App Name, Category and App description. You don’t need to enter the Android Package URL as you won’t know it until you’ve put your app up in Google Play anyways. Leave that completely blank.
(Make sure you remove all text from the URL field if you don’t use it, e.g. remove the default “market://” text.)
5. Click OK.
6. You’ll then see a screen that talks about the Ad Mob Android SDK. This is the confusing part. Just ignore it and click the ‘Go to Sites/Apps’ button at the bottom. You don’t need to download the SDK or anything. SeattleClouds takes care of that part for you already.
7. Now you’ll see a list of your Apps. Find the app you just added and hover over the name with your mouse. You’ll see a Manage Settings button appear. Click it.
8. That’s it. You’ll see your Publisher ID up at the top. It is below the App Name and below the Site URL. It is labelled ‘Publisher ID’ and is a 15 character code (alphanumeric).

Splash screen is an image that appears when the application loads. It covers the entire screen and lasts as long as the application loads (usually few seconds). The purpose of a splashscreen is to disguise the length of time that an application takes to load.

Yes. App icon and iTunes icon should be the same image, just different resolution.

iPhone/iPod Touch icon: 57×57 pixels
iPad icon: 72×72 px
iTunes Bigicon: 1024×1024 pixels

If you suspect someone is a scammer, if somebody is spamming you with unsolicited messages or chat requests, if you encounter any inappropriate content such as harassment messages or nude images, please report these violations immediately. To report a violation, navigate in the menu to Help/Report Violations. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for helping us maintain clean web content.

You are allowed to purchase extra push notifications at the cost of $0,05 per 1000 push. The extra push notifications that you purchase will be transferred from one month to the next until you use them up.

We accept payments through PayPal and Credit Cards (Visa, CB, MasterCard, American Express).

To publish your app on the stores, you first need to have your own developer accounts. You need to register on https://developer.apple.com to publish your iOS app and on http://developer.android.com to publish your Android app.

If you don’t want to go through the generation and submission processes, you can choose the optional “Google Play submission” offer. For an extra $50, we will take care of all of the submission work for you, but you will still need to have your personal developer accounts. The offer is only applicable for submission of your Android app to Google’s app store. Apple only allows the owner to publish their apps with their own developer account.

A Native app is an app built with the native language of the device on which it will be installed. This gives the app access to all of the features of the device and delivers optimal user experience. We build native apps for iOS and Android, and also offers an HTML5 web app that can run on the mobile browser of any device.